Prediction: Nat Govt to announce Maori seats on super council

by Jake Quinn

As I mentioned this morning on the glorious social networking revolution that is twitter, I suspect that the government may not have included any Maori seats on Auckland’s proposed new super council simply so that it was in a position to be able to offer up a seat or two after post hikoi “negotiations” with its affable coalition partner.  TV3’s Ali Ikram seems to agree tweating today: “Key will be polling. He polled on the flag on the bridge and found his supporters in favour of it. Compromise could still come.”

If polling shows Aucklanders don’t mind a ‘few’ Maori seats it puts Key in a fantastic position.  He has already scored points with the old guard National Party base by scrapping the Royal Commission recommendation to include Maori seats and now could be in a position to ‘reach across the political divide’ and make a compromise that provides the Maori Party with massive kudos from its supporters (who have tended to otherwise favour Labour). This type of political plan has Key written all over it, this is the guy who formed a governing relationship with the Maori party even thought he didn’t need them (at all) to command the confidence of the House. It’s clever and its in both parties interests.