Greens flip Labour the bird

by Jake Quinn

The decision by the Greens to stand Russel Norman in the Mt Albert by-election is a stern slap in the face to their ‘friends’ Labour. Given;

a) National’s current poll ratings (March 09 – National 57% Labour 31%),

b) the Party Vote split in Mt Albert from the 2008 election (Labour got 14,894 votes, National for 12,468), and

c) that National has got even more popular since the election (National got 45% of the party votes on election day and, as noted above, is polling well above that)

This by-election would be a very very very close race with even just two horses.

Now we have a third, albeit Australian, horse screaming down the outside lane.

This is enough to put the willys up Labour big time and has the very real possibility of splitting the left wing vote, handing victory to Melissa Lee and National. Furthermore, the fallout of losing Mt Albert would see The Labour Caucus lining up at dear old Phil Goff’s door. And they wouldn’t be bringing baking.