Mt Albert aspirant Wood sacks media team

by Jake Quinn

I really am enjoying the piece of political satire being performed by Victoria University student politician and Salient Editor, Jackson Wood.  Prior to today’s latest ‘developments’ (copied below in full) we have had the campaign turning to Wellington, Mr Wood thanking Phil Twyford for stepping aside, saying “While it can hardly be a coincidence that Mr. Twyford has stepped aside only hours after I declared my candidacy, it is still a noble sacrifice which will be remembered”, and his initial declaration of his intention to stand where he tells us that “A string of low-profile nobodies have been stood by both Labour and National in Mt. Albert in the last twenty-eight years and it is time for this to change.”

I look forward to monitoring developments in the Wood campaign.


Heads Roll In Wood Campaign


Heads Roll In Wood Campaign

First time political aspirant Jackson James Wood today admitted to a dramatic setback in his campaign, with the firing of several key staff members.

Wood’s entire press team have been given notice following the disgraceful misspelling of the name of fellow candidate Russel Norman in a press release dated 24th April.

Commenting on the changes, Wood said “I try not to look at this as a setback – rather an opportunity. My campaign has in fact been able to save costs by outsourcing further release writing abroad, starting as of the following paragraph”.

Wood very happy with change and new workers are do good job. Wood have nice smile. Wood plans of win most excellent.