Russel Norman vrs New Zealand’s right wing

by Jake Quinn

Thank you to Scoop’s Gordon Campbell who fisks Russel Norman for harping on about being the “only progressive candidate on offer” in the Mt Albert by-election.

So David Shearer is to be the Labour candidate in Mt Albert. The claims by Greens Co-Leader Russel Norman on Morning Report that this leaves Norman as the only progressive candidate on offer in the Mt Albert by-election were singularly depressing, as an index of how the Greens plan to fight this campaign. To reach that conclusion, Norman has willingly bought into the distortion of Shearer’s views on mercenaries in extreme Third World hot spots. …

Is it hard to see anything progressive in this array of smear tactics. For one thing, Shearer has spent a good deal of his professional life in humanitarian work in the Third World, some of it while Norman was kicking back safely on Waiheke Island. …

As a self described progressive, perhaps Norman could focus on what the government is doing to the people of Mt Albert.

Over at The Standard, a long time Green Party activist is not impressed with Russel’s attacks on Shearer.