Path set to Maori seats on Super City Council

by Jake Quinn

The NZ Herald’s Bernard Orsman writes today that “The Government is showing increased signs of flexibility on Maori seats and more local representation for the Auckland Super City council.”

Does this come as a surprise? Absolutely not.

A few weeks back I wrote:

I suspect that the government may not have included any Maori seats on Auckland’s proposed new super council simply so that it was in a position to be able to offer up a seat or two after post hikoi “negotiations” with its affable coalition partner.

It is also good to see Labour’s Phil Goff moving from just having “an open mind”:

PHIL Well that’s the Royal Commission’s argument for it, I’ve got an open mind on that, what I’m saying at this stage is that at least it should have been consulted on, it shouldn’t have been scrapped without any consultation.

To actually backing the initiative provided that it is “one person, one vote”. Whilst it would have been stronger to get out in front early with his support, it’s better late than never.