Interest free student loans survive black budget

by Jake Quinn

Prime Minister John Key has categorically stated that there will continue to be no interest on student loans after the budget.  Thank goodness (for me).

Check the video for proof at 4 minutes and 4 seconds in.

This policy has proven to be very popular. It would be very interesting to do a ‘parallel universe’ analysis (if such a thing existed) to see what would have happened to National’s support pre-election should they have not swung into line and supported the policy.

The policy makes life financially easier for struggling young people entering the work force and acts as an incentive to bring educated kiwis home from overseas to work (as they only qualify for interest write off if living in NZ) but unfortunately it is not the most ‘productive’ way to spend the tertiary education dollar – perhaps it should be moved to Vote MSD? 😉

Imagine what our universities could do with an extra few million dollars each year. They might be able to maintain and attract world leading staff by paying them more than the equivalent of a parliamentary executive assistant or policy analyst.

Hat Tip: Young Labour on Twitter.