Lee takes a slap from Key over waterview

by Jake Quinn

Whoops. Poor old Melissa Lee says on bfm today that she prefers an overland option for the SH20 connection at waterview.

3 news reports:

National’s candidate, Melissa Lee, took part in a discussion on radio station 95bFM this morning and Labour was quick to quote her saying “it’s above ground for me”.

John Key responds saying that Lee doesnt’ know what she’s talking about and that govt will make its preferred option clear in the next few days. Ouch. Not what her campaign team would have been hoping for.

Regarding govt’s decision, 3 news understands that this option will be part tunnel and part overland – what ever that means.

Mr Shearer makes his position clear:

Mt Albert is a unique community in the heart of Auckland City, we need to promote and encourage the area’s special characteristics not build a six-lane motorway through the middle of this beautiful suburb

If Melissa Lee’s chances in Mt Albert could have possibly dropped any further, they just did.