Clark clearly bored stiff at United Nations

by Jake Quinn

One wonders if there is anything else to do at the United Nations Development Programme Head Office in New York when you read headlines like this one:

Helen Clark raises profile of level crossing accidents

How does the seemingly uninteresting issue of level crossing safety contribute to the UN Millennium Development Goals? Are thousands killed at level crossings in India each year? Is this an indication of much more serious infrastructure development issues in the third world?

No, but please read on, as all will become clear:

A former student at Hamilton’s Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Helen Elizabeth Clark (even the middle name’s the same) says she and the other Helen also have mothers with the same name – and it’s all led to a fair bit of teasing over the years, particularly once the other Helen became prime minister…

But while the other Helen will be taking up the reins of power at the UNDP in New York, Clark will be embarking on her Masters research – looking at whether visual illusions might contribute to accidents on railway level crossings.

I wish HEC good luck with her research which, while not fitting terribly well into the UNDP’s work programme, should lead to a better understanding of the issues associated with level crossing safety in New Zealand, at least 😉