Imagine if this guy knocked down your home

by Jake Quinn

So the govt has announced it will be ploughing through Mt Albert to build the SH20 waterview connection (well to be fair they’ve announced that they will ‘consult’ – heh – on some other options, none of which will involve a tunnel), and they’ve used this guy to let us know its all ok.

Because the NZ Herald sure don’t, photographer Andrew Warner must secretly work for the Labour Party! This photo of Transport Minister Steven Joyce will make children cry. It should carry a parental advisory. Especially for those children residing in the motorway’s path.

The Herald reports that “the consent process would be fast tracked and limited to nine months”. Fast-tracking, which I imagine means some kind of ‘call in’ pretty much means the consent bit of the resource consent process gets skimmed across so pesky naysayers such as homeowners (I DON’T CARE IF IT’S BEEN IN YOUR FAMILY FOR ONE HUNDRED YEARS) can’t delay the process.

Don’t get me wrong, calling in projects is important to get passed the NIMBY problems associated with any major development, but suffice it to say, and as discussed earlier, this has ended the debate over who will win Mt Albert in next month’s by-election (yeh, not Melissa Lee).

Why didn’t I purchase ipredict shares earlier? Probably because I’ve got my few bucks all tied up in the greens female co-leader contest and the section 92a disconnect stocks.

Also, Salient editor and independant Mt Albert candidate Jackson Wood might be onto something with his idea for the new route, interestingly named ‘the Peter Davis Skyway’:

“Rather than the solutions proposed by any of the other candidates, we should instead look into a series of zeppelins. A motorist can strap their car to the bottom to be dropped off on the other side This saves demolishing any houses, and in fact meets all the concerns raised by other candidates.

Others discuss Joyce’s creative use of numbers and some suggest that there really is nothing to see here and that not that many houses are even going to be demo’d. Yeh Right.