Life and Politics welcomes another author

by Jake Quinn

Who is the masked man?

As of today Life and Politics has another author. Yay, the team doubles! He goes by the name of Intheloopnz. He will be known to many of you former and current parliamentary types, however, unlike myself (‘just’ a pesky student now), he wishes to remain anonymous because of his employment situation. He was a political advisor in the fifth Labour government and is now a political and media consultant (what ever that is).

His first post on National List MP and Mt Albert candidate Melissa Lee’s wee conflict of interest problems is below. I hope you appreciate his efforts, he seems to be a reasonable speller which will please my father no end.

He “is passionate” about his politics. As an aside, I believe that phrase – “is passionate” – to be a precursor to danger and utter madness. Have you ever stopped to think about those who choose to use it to open their rants about whatever issue they’re thousand yard stare passionate about? Say, oh i don’t know, this wingnut:



She’s passionate about Families. Too passionate some might say. The irony is overwhelming.

My thoughts on the whole ghastly matter of her appointment fit with this glorious little facebook update from a former colleague:

Hate a commission but can’t get rid of it cos need to keep another political party happy? Appoint a nutjob, stand back, and watch the hated commission explode all on its own. Wash hands and walk away.

Anywhoo, welcome to Intheloop. I look forward to reading his future efforts.