Mike King’s snout in publicity trough

by Jake Quinn


Mike King is joking but no one is laughing. ‘Comedian’, or ‘reactionary radio talk-back host’ Mike King wants to clear his conscience. He wants to save the pigs. He wants to become New Zealand’s own Jamie Oliver. Only problem is, Jamie Oliver isn’t full of effluent.

“I didn’t know it [sow stalls] was going on. The New Zealand public didn’t know it was going on. I honestly believed our clean green image and the way we love animals would never, never, ever allow that crap to go on,” says King.

After years of sucking on the pork teat he is all of a sudden outraged by the treatment of pigs in sow crates. And he wants us to believe “he had no idea”. Yeh right. The practice is appalling and we (the rest of us) have all known that for some time, that’s why we don’t back their ad campaigns by endorsing them.

[Updated with pics]