Editing the Herald on Melissa Lee

by Jake Quinn

An interesting blog from James at the Editing the Herald:

I don’t often feel sorry for politicians. In fact, I generally feel that they’re a sorry bunch of bastards who will stop at nothing to jack up expenses, fling petty insults in the debating chamber and tell people whatever they want to hear to stay in power.

I don’t share Jame’s antipathy for politicians, having worked for a bunch I know most are decent people who work tirelessly to improve their country and the lives of its citizens. 

Jame’s is not the only one (feeling sorry for Lee). Waking to see a picture of Melissa Lee’s face in the Herald tattooed ‘racist’ bearing a Hitler mo’ was simply over the top.  

What is worse, implying that South Auckland has more criminals than the rest of Auckland (which may be a generalisation based on racial prejudice or may be statistically correct – I do not know), or comparing someone who says so to a deranged genocidal maniac? It’s this kind of action by a few idiotic individuals that can turn student politics into an absolute mockery. So shame on them. 

Passing a resolution calling Lee racist etc is not good humoured and while much of the event might well have been, it is unsurprising that media choose to cover the less well meaning aspects of the meeting – that’s what they do – we know this so should act in accordance. I.e. don’t undermine the legitimacy of your forum by having such a vote. That’s if you want anyone to ever take you seriously.