Russel Norman knows how to speak to media

by Jake Quinn

TV3’s always amusing Ali Ikram reviews the week in politics.

Some footage I hadn’t seen was Melissa Lee asking a New Zealander of perhaps Polynesian decent “and how do I say Hello in your language?” to which he replies “err, Hello”.  Heh.

Ali makes somewhat too much of a big deal about Russel Norman’s insistence on getting his key line across; “that the National/Act government is launching Grand Theft Auckland“. He stresses that Norman mentions it 3 times in the raw footage TV3 had from the interview. 

Interesting.. well not really, in fact, no not at all.

Before a savvy politician does a media interview (Lee, take note) they decide on the main point they want to get across, and they then mention it numerous times in the interview, knowing the media will only take a 5 second grab of your main point from 5 minutes of footage. Which is exactly what TV3 did in their initial six o’clock coverage. So well done Russ the Muss.