Not another botch up for Nat’s Melissa Lee

by Jake Quinn

Melissa Lee may have stuffed her famously tasty foot into her famously unhinged mouth, yet again.

At a Unitec political forum today she is reported to have responded to an earlier email question, in response to which accessory she would prefer between a gun, a fur coat, a big diamond ring, or a grill:  

“I think a big diamond ring would be the most useful accessory during the rest of the by-election to knock some sense into the media (although a gun is tempting)”

Ms Lee said she didn’t write the email (containing the above answer) and said she did not know what the question was about, “she later told the magazine the email was unapproved.”

In Unison’s press release she blamed an over-enthusiastic volunteer for sending the email. Those pesky supporters, always putting their foot in it..

Duncan Garner will, no doubt, be frothing at the mouth in an hours time.