Worth muck won’t stick to Goff

by Jake Quinn

On Friday a nasty turn to the Worth saga began to take hold, but it failed to get traction that evening on television news because of the David Bain verdict.

A few journalists, following attempts by Farrar and Cactus Kate, tried to stick some of the Worth muck to Phil Goff, implying that he was part of the whole stink because he’d dropped the bomb about the second and unrelated case of alleged wrong doing, and that he had been cunning and strategic in doing so.

This however, was not the case at all. Mr Goff had been approached by media, not the other way around, in regards of the case of the Labour Party member who says she received offensive and lewd text messages and phone calls from Dr Worth.

This morning on TVNZ’s Q+A Phil Goff explained that after Key broke the news of Mr Worth’s resignation, Key mentioned Goff’s complaint to journalists, who then when straight to Goff for comment.

So Goff didn’t “hang on it, waiting for the prime moment to drop it” as some have suggested. In fact he probably had no intention of going public with it at all, until Key and the media forced his hand.