Goff is right, Key is wrong

by Jake Quinn

Someone once famously said, in reference to a David Benson-Pope interview just days before he resigned in relation to the Setchell business that, “it is one thing to mislead the House, but it is another thing entirely to mislead Audrey Young.”

John Key has made this mistake and for it he will be punished.

The Labour leader has made his phone log public (press release here) which shows his recollection of events was correct and that John Key (who said he was on a plane til 10pm that night) was wrong.

Audrey Blogs:  “One politician was bound to be deeply embarrassed today, Phil Goff or John Key. One would be right and one would be wrong. And the answer is that John Key is wrong.”

What was Mr Key thinking? Did he not think to check with his Chief of Staff that Mr Goff was talking nonsense before mouthing off?

This is yet another example of botched management from the ninth floor.  Surely a vacancy or two must be about to appear on jobs.govt.nz.

Oh and the “Whoops” Cartoon above, is ironically penned by a guy called Goff.