Key’s time to move on claim falls on deaf ears

by Jake Quinn

The day after John Key addressed his weekly post cabinet press conference saying he’d had enough of the Richard Worth saga and that “it’s time to move on”, the papers are packed to the gunnels with stories about just that.

John Armstrong writes: Labour is playing a bigger game here – one that is really all about pulling a popular prime minister off his perch and making him look and behave like just another politician.”

Audrey Young writes: “hostilities between Prime Minister John Key and Labour leader Phil Goff over the matter stepped up yesterday over conflicting versions of their telephone conversation about it on May 6 – including the time of it.”

Patrick Gower writes: “Prime Minister John Key is still refusing to say what made Richard Worth’s ministerial role untenable – but has ruled out drugs, alcohol and Dr Worth failing to tell him the police were investigating a serious sexual allegation.”

Colin Espiner writes: “Another day passed yesterday without any communication between Key and an Indian woman who claims that former internal affairs minister and National MP Richard Worth sexually harassed her with phone calls and text messages.”

Tracy Watkins writes: “Police have spoken to National MP Richard Worth about a Korean businesswoman’s complaint of criminal behaviour.”

In order for the press to get bored with this story and move on they need to run out of new information and developments. And this is just not happening.

The saga of the meeting – ignored, agreed then cancelled – of the Auckland Indian women and the PM, continues to drag on.

Throw into the mix that the Police having discussed the complaint of criminal behavior with Worth and his impending ‘return‘ (he’s due back to Parliament in a week remember) and this story is only just nearing its midpoint.

Sorry John, no one else thinks “it’s time to move on”.