An inconvenient truth

by Jake Quinn

It is unfortunate for Labour and the women behind the Minister of “Ethnic Affairs” dirty text saga that her husband has recently been in the news for being convicted of an immigration scam.

It really doesn’t help their cause.

Considerably more disappointing than her somewhat inevitable outing and that of her husband’s past, is that the scalp or harpoon as he calls them, goes to right-wing blogger (and because of some severe editorial incompetence) occasional Close-up participant, Cameron Slater of WhaleOil.

Despite the fact that Rudman had pretty much outed her earlier that morning and that, well, everyone in the media new who she was days ago.

Unfortunately for Goff, claims for media to respect the women’s privacy have fallen on deaf ears – as they were always going to.  She never really was going to get through this without being outed.  I just hope she realised it.