Dunne on smacking referendum and other matters

by Jake Quinn

United Future leader Peter Dunne, known for his use of “common sense“, disassociates himself from his party’s former fundys and tells it like it is.


I “liked” it.

Meanwhile, from a hilarious comments thread on the Dim-Post, Dylan Reeve suggests an alternative wording to the ridiculous smacking referendum:

Should a whack as part of good husbandly correction be a criminal offense in New Zealand?”

Unfortunately there is no “like” function on the wordpess comments thread display.

It was pleasing to see Key and Goff effectively end any debate about this silly nonsense by both saying they’ll abstain from voting on the referendum because the whole business is just a waste of time.

The vote will happen, the No vote will win by a landslide because of the absurdity of the question, everyone will ignore it, and Larry and Bob can go back to obscurity and “love-filled kiddy-bashing”.

And for today’s light relief c/- the onion:

Gymnast Shawn Johnson Put To Sleep After Breaking Leg