Pornstar union backs underfire moustached MP

by Jake Quinn


The union representing Kiwi porn-stars, producers and cameramen has today come out strongly in support of under-fire Act MP, David Garrett (pictured above left), stating that his behaviour should have been expected and is befitting of the porn-star attitude his moustache clearly identifies him to have.

Mr Garret a longtime oil rig worker and old-school smooth-talking hard-man has been strongly criticised by his moustachless party leader after making sexual comments to a female member of the party’s Parliamentary office.

Mr Hide said last night he had cause to speak to Garrett after learning the fledgling MP had made “off-colour” remarks. He said he hoped the incident would not lead to the end of Garrett’s career as a member of Parliament.

The controversy does not end with today’s comments however. Mr Garrett has in the past angered certain sects of the same union that supports him today, causing well publicised rifts to appear within the strong porn-star union movement.

Earlier in the year, after he had been drinking, Mr Garrett compared homosexuality to paedophilia on TVNZ’s Eye to Eye show.

It was leaked to media at the time that prominent union activists representing the gay porn industry moved a remit at their annual conference to have Mr Garret expelled from the organisation, and to have his porn-star moustache forcefully removed.

As it stands the future of Mr Garrett’s moustache is unknown.