Nothing to report, really

by Jake Quinn

I spent some time thinking of idea for a thoughtful post but then this guy stole it. Meh. Nothing interesting is happening in New Zealand politics. Well, Rankin notwithstanding, nothing that hasn’t been made light of already.

Of minor interest of course is that one thousand people each week are joining the dole line and unfortunately the Key government’s national cycleway hasn’t started construction yet to save them – any day now, any day. God that sweet sweet cycleway just can’t come fast enough.

Nelson’s finest, Nick Smith, should have wasted that crazy bastard. Kiwi’s love strong arming politicians and anyone who’s had anything to do with crazy and unquestionably unstable constituents knows just how frustrating they can be, bless. What a nightmare. Imagine waking up to read in your local rag that the local nutcase has charged you, YOU, with assault. Take him to court for everything he’s got Nick – for all of our sakes.

*Insightful bloggage will continue to be slight due to the unfortunate consequence of study break money earnerage, my apologies.