How else is a hobbit supposed to get laid?

by Jake Quinn

Earlier this week New Zealand was fortunate enough to feature on Comedy Central’s Colbert Nation. Colbert, while normally very much opposed to brothels, says setting one up – like Logan Campbell has – to fund an Olympic bid, is fair enough in New Zealand, I mean “how else is a hobbit supposed to get laid?” he reasonably asks. 

Colbert adds, “in a country of 4 million people and 40 million sheep, having sex with a human should get you a medal”.

I hate to think which breed of global traveller this last comment will elicit 😉

Oh and the story also made it to any number of the world’s leading on-line publications

PS. I don’t see what the whole palaver was about, prostitution is legal in NZ, so why punish him for his entrepreneurship?

Click on the Sport Report link below and scan to the middle for our cameo, or  just watch the whole thing, bookmark the page, and go back every day for your fill of sweet satirical right wing coverage.

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