Labour, catch the ball then work with Maori Party says Lewis

by Jake Quinn

A very interesting piece from a long serving and former Press Secretary of Helen Clark’s, David Lewis, who writes:

“Embarrassing as Labour’s mistakes have been, they owe more to intense frustration at National’s never-ending honeymoon than to any systemic failure. It was only a few weeks ago, after all, that Labour was all over the government in the House. The fifth Labour government was a popular government for a very long time, but even its honeymoon was over by the first winter. No such luck with this lot.”

“Yes, they got spanked in Mt Albert, got spanked over Christine Rankin, and have lost a minister already, but John Key’s breezy and approachable style remains, for now, unassailable with no poll slump in sight. The hydro lakes are full, removing a perennial winter bugbear for incumbent governments. And not even the most hardened National-haters blame them for the recession.” …

“There is also, however, a strategic issue which Goff needs to address – Labour’s relationship with the Maori Party.” …

“The continued sniping between Labour’s Maori MPs and the Maori Party is hardly the secure foundation upon which to build a secure working relationship. It’s not helped by Labour’s Maori MPs’ discomfort at the way their Maori Party counterparts outshine them with verve and flair.”