Around the traps with Douglas, Tiberius and Gardiner

by Jake Quinn

Public purse basher and perk buster Sir Roger Douglas has arrogantly stumbled his way into embarrassment this week over a tax payer funded holiday to Europe.

Matt McCarten writes in the Herald on Sunday: “It’s ironic, I think, that Sir Roger vigorously opposed MMP on the basis that list MPs would be hacks, collecting big salaries with no responsibilities. He is now a caricature of the welfare gluttony he once railed against.”

Kerre Woodham adds“But when you’re a sitting MP, and when you’re a member of a party that calls incessantly for reduction in government expenditure, and when we’re in a recession, and when you yourself sneered in a speech recently at the privileged who get others to pay for their whims and fancies, do you not think you could have paid for the trip to Britain to see the grandies yourself?”

On another topic entirely, Danyl at the dimpost brings us this fine satirical installment titled Goose sworn in as new opposition leader which concludes: “According to a Roy Morgan poll commissioned earlier this week and released today, Tiberius has proved an instant hit with most voters; … centrist voters who are attracted to Tiberius’s bright white feathers and distinctive waddle when he walks… a majority of voters cited a broad, rounded bill, extensive wingspan and powerful webbed feet as the most important qualities they sought in a leader.”

Again unrelated, earlier in the week Danyl drew attention to the problem Labour face in attacking Paula Bennett over the beneficiary information leak scandal. The unfortunate bottom line is that the more media attention Paula Bennett gets the better it is for National. This was re-enforced on Q+A show this morning, where Guyon Espiner asked none of the tough questions, instead opting to tell the Minister how much he (yes, that’s TVNZ’s political editor) despised the dole. I give up.

I share Blaise Drinkwater’s dissapointment that National has wasted an opportunity to make Sir Wira Gardiner their Party President.  It was clear that he was Mr Key’s preferred candidate and that had he been elected to the Board of Directors, would probably have got the nod. However, the white folk delegates at this weekend’s annual conference didn’t allow that to pass, as he was not even elected to the board.

Concluding this sunday round up, it was just devistating to see my favorite wellington cafe burn. I hope somehow Maranui (Lyall Bay Surf Life Saving Club) can make it back to feed me Victory Breakfast on my trips to Wellington.