Castle-Hughes 1, Key 0

by Jake Quinn

Keisha on Close Up

Keisha on Close Up

“But back to John’s weird personal attack, i think it’s derogatory to state that it’s not okay for New Zealanders to stand up and take interest in the world around them.Climate change is a global issue that affects our country as a whole. Before being anything else in my life, I am a mother,  and that is why I am a part of this campaign. And as a mother i believe i have a right to speak up if i have concerns about the future of my daughter.  Discouraging New Zealand youth to participate, think and speak out is not on for the Prime Minister of NZ,” says Keisha in this post on the Sign-On campaign’s website.

“I am actually quite tempted to say that perhaps John Key should stick to HIS day job, which is to lead this country on big issues. So far leadership on climate change has been missing,” she concludes.

National Party mouthpiece Kiwiblog has called this a “rare mis-step” by Mr Key: “it was an “unforced error” for John Key to tell Keisha Castle-Hughes to “stick to acting” even though I am sure he said it with a smile. Greenpeace should be the target of criticism for their celebrity driven campaign, not so much Castle-Hughes who is advocating for something she believes.”

This does seem like a bit of a tactical error by the PM. Stick to beating up on lippy beneficiaries mate, the public is way more into that. We love Keisha and we think it’s admirable that she’s used her fame and passion to advocate for the Sign-on campaign’s mission, even if we don’t necessarily agree with it (that is, 40% by 2020 reductions on 1990 levels).

[Update 1: Key says his earlier comments were “rather flippant” and is now happy to meet her for a chat. Castle-Hughes 2, Key 0]

[Update 2: “Stick to Acting” Parody of John Key. Hat Tip: The Standard]