Things that were neat, last few days edition

by Jake Quinn

So the New Zealand media are being accused of being both homophobic and anti-catholic – a condition once thought to be impossible owing to the presumed mutual exclusiveness of each characteristic.

This whole breaking his silence thing does not really seem to be working out for that nice Mr Carter does it, perhaps leaving it to “Trevor, Whips and the Leadership” had some merit.  Dr Brian Edwards gives his reasoned two cents worth here.

Meanwhile, while Mr Farrar cruizes around the Pacific, he’s left his Kiwiblog in the hands of a rather unconventional (by VRWC standards) bunch of solo mums.  This post titled ‘Middle Class Witches’ by Tare te Heke is actually quite moving.  The comments thread is also moving, but rather more bowel-moving than wow-moving.

Meany-pants James over at Editing Teh Herald gets stuck into my friend Jacqueline Smith for what, he admits, are probably her sub-editor’s naff headlines; “Rap classes make school cool” and “Students must do hard stuff: academic“.

Why you shouldn’t be Facebook friends with your boss is the latest lolgasm to be doing the rounds on twitter. Not a mistake she is likely to repeat.

The media highlight of the week continues to be Mediawatch over on Radio NZ.  This weekend’s programme explores, among other things, the weatherson-case-made-hot topic of voyeurism versus the public’s right to know (it’s towards the end of the interview) and is, as is normally the case, the best commentary/analysis on the media we are likely to get. Thank goodness for public service broadcasting.

Update: I feel sufficiently moved to add, not that it is ‘neat’ for it is indeed not, that Paul Holmes’ mother died today.

All Kiwis are probably aware of the very, very special bond Paul had with his mother Chrissy and we pass on our most sincere condolences to the entire Holmes family at this time,said TVNZ’s head of news and current affairs, Anthony Flannery (the emphasis is my own).