BBQ’d dog is fine by me

by Jake Quinn

Last night thousands of ignorant kiwis watching TVNZ news chuckled to themselves about “those silly Tongans eating their dog”.  The hypocrisy of this ethnocentric arrogance really irks me.  It is of course now, all over the news.

In New Zealand we intensively and perhaps cruelly farm pigs, these pigs end up getting lopped up and turned into delicious bacon and other such porky treats.  Farm kids across the nation raise little lambs and cows as pets with their eventual destination being the dinner table.

We keep and race horses and then lop them up to feed our other pets.

In the pacific and in many other parts of the world it is utterly standard practice for dogs to be eaten after their pet-used-by-date is up.  It is no more wrong to eat a dog than it is to eat a pig, cow, sheep or horse and the SPCA should know better.

They want a law change. They want it it to be illegal for kiwis to eat dogs.

This ignorant cultural tunnel vision shouldn’t be tolerated.

The SPCA should get back to ensuring people are not cruel to animals while they are alive.

[UPDATE: many others appear to agree.]