Don’t insult the electorate

by Jake Quinn

Blaise Drinkwater, who voted ‘yes’, has some interesting referendum reflections:

I’m gonna take this as the primary lesson to be drawn: don’t insult the electorate… It’s an arrogance that the citizenry will never fail to punish at ballot-time, and in between votes, that can only reinforce the disengagement from political processes that I was bitching about eariler.

While Gordon Campbell writes on how Key can suitably respond to it:

How can the government basically do nothing, while still placating a large number of the voting public? Well, last time it did very well indeed out of focusing on Police guidelines. It could try that route again. It could tell the Police to exercise Extra Super Duper Size Discretion in future about smacking complaints, rather than just the Family Size Discretion they’ve shown so far. That might be enough.