Maori seats: the question for Labour

by Jake Quinn

If you were in charge of Labour strategy, would you:

Put out a press statement titled “If Labour were the Government, Maori would have got their seats“.  Thus pointing out the clear difference to Maori of voting Labour instead of Maori Party at the next election.  But running the risk of being accused of being opportunist or worse a hypocrite (thinking back to its handling of the Foreshore and Seabed, abandoning ‘closing the gaps’, or removing some references to the Treaty post-Orewa).

Or would you stay quite quiet, bide your time and hope that Key’s governing situation goes pear shaped under the pressure of squabbling coalition children.  Knowing that if the Maori Party pulled the plug, National would be pulled away from the centre (where Key desperately wants it, for vote-retaining reasons) or if Hide pulled the plug that National would be trapped with the Maori Party having to support their entire work programme.