Growth and reflections

by Jake Quinn

I thought I’d provide you with some trivia to celebrate reaching, well, the rather modest viewership of 10,000 hits since creation, a few months back.  This occurred today.  Awesome.

That is similar to the viewership of Kiwiblog in a day, or Dimpost in a week, so let’s not carried away with the sense of achievement.  On the average day this site gets about a 100 hits, 200 on a goody, 50 on a shitter. I go for quality over quantity though, I like to think our viewers are “the best 100” people on the Internet and I am sure that you would agree.

The top search engine terms that lead people to this website are:

  1. jessie gurunathan
  2. clayton weatherston
  3. slap
  4. jason knauf
  5. david shearer
  6. richard worth
  7. life and politics
  8. sex scandle

That is all (oh and read this).