Labour tables Maori seats SOP, Boscowen gets lucky

by Jake Quinn

Labour has used its ‘Maori Caucus’ to table an amendment guaranteeing Maori seats on the new Auckland council, based on the model observed in Parliament:

The Supplementary Order Paper, lodged by Mita Ririnui, proposes that Maori seats on the council be established in the same way as the Maori seats in Parliament.

This means the number of Maori seats on the new council would be allocated according to the number of Maori on the Maori roll, Parekura Horomia said.

They draw on the experience of Maori seats in the Bay of Plenty (which are widely seen as effective) as an example:

“I introduced a similar piece of legislation in 2001, establishing Maori seats on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council which now has three Maori seats. It was pleasing to see yesterday that the Environment Bay of Plenty Chairman John Cronin said the Maori seats there were working well,” Mita Ririnui says.

In other news (and in a swift bout of terrible timing), John Boscawen’s member’s bill has been drawn today.  The bill aims to define the level and nature of force which it will be acceptable in ‘correcting’ children.  The ballot has displayed an eerie ability to pick extraordinarily relevant (in terms of timing) bills in the last few months. 

The timing of this one could be pretty serious though, if National decides to go with it.  John Key has thus far stared the smackers down by not making any changes to the assault on children legislation, may his principled and rational stance continue.