Things you may or may not find interesting

by Jake Quinn

There is a very interesting post and comments thread on Kiwipolitico, started by Paul G. Buchanan or ‘Pablo’ as he is known there, on the lack of public intellectuals in New Zealand. Outside of the many insightful comments in the comments thread itself, it roused interesting responses from both Chris Trotter and Bryce Edwards.

While I’m linking, do also check out this Colin James blog on Labour’s future, which leading up to this weekend’s party conference comes from the rather less pessimistic end of the opinion spectrum, it is definite food for thought.

Similarly thought provoking is Trotter’s Independant article on why National captured Labour’s ‘Waitakere man‘ at the last election.

Update: TVNZ 7, bless them, have a show hosted by Finlay MacDonald on Saturday nights at 9 called Talk Talk. Finlay talks to Judith Tizard in this episode where she talks about losing Auckland Central, the Mt Albert By-election ‘rumours’, coming from a political family, her friendships with Margaret Wilson and Helen Clark, having cancer, the guilt of a life in politics, and confirms that she will not make a decision about coming back into Parliament (she’s next on Labour’s list) until the time comes for that decision to be made!