by Jeremy Greenbrook-Held

At last – the New Zealand Geographic Board will be advising the Minister of Land Information to officially rename the City of Wanganui “Whanganui”. One little H, a great big fuss.

Here’s a question for you to ponder:

Maurice Williamson (as Minister of Land Information) now gets to sign off on the ‘new’ name of Whanganui. Coming from a party that has consistently voted against Maori (Maori seats on the Auckland Council, Matariki holiday), will he ignore the advise of the NZ Geographic Board, siding with rednecks like Michael Laws? Or will he have Whanganui renamed?

And further, will Tariana Turia (a Whanganui local, I understand?) continue as an MP in the National/ACT Government if her Government doesn’t correctly rename her City? And if so, why?