State broadcaster to launch ‘I’m not racist but’ news segment

by Jake Quinn

Building on the public relations success that has been Sensing Murder star Deb Webber’s foray into crime fighting on behalf of the network, the state broadcaster is to launch an equally respectful round up of the day’s race relations called ‘I’m not racist but’.

The move comes in response to CNN’s successful just sayin’ segment, where the show’s anchor says something controversial, off-topic or offensive that is of little to no news value, while unburdened by the irritating hindrance of journalistic integrity and or objectivity.

‘I’m not racist but’ is tipped to start in a few weeks time, but the state broadcaster is staying mum on who will host the entertaining nightly snippet.

Sources close to the channel however believe Whanganui Mayor Michael Laws is to host the show.

Laws was unavailable for comment last night as he was attending a te reo total immersion school camp in the Kapiti Coast with a group of eleven year-olds.

The pilot show, leaked to YouTube, sees host Laws interviewing NZ First leader Winston Peters where he discusses his climate modelling work focusing on the ‘tsunami of immigrants’ which is rapidly approaching the county.

Medium Deb Webber was overheard to say, “I was walking past the television and I had a feeling that the show would be a great success”.