Drinnan and Mediawatch are on the money

by Jake Quinn

I and perhaps you missed an interesting round up in last week’s Business Herald by media commentator John Drinnan, it is a must read for those interested in media politics generally, the government’s handling of the RWC TV rights saga, government spin doctoring, or TVNZ’s dodgy plugging of Sensing Murder “psychic” Deb Webber during the case of the missing little girl.

Drinnan outlines Maori TV media handler Sonya Haggie’s wheeler-dealing with the commercial radio stations over an interview with the station’s Chief Exec, Jim Mather.  Everyone (that is, Radio Live, Maori TV, Newstalk ZB) seems to be contradicting each other in terms of what was really said, so suffice to say, someone must be lying.

He pulls up Paul Henry over his “unsceptical” coverage of Deb Webber, which Henry defends.  TVNZ Spokeswomen Megan Richards says TVNZ current affairs “does not have a position on sceptics”, heh. The same could not be said for Mr Henry however. 

On that, do check out this weekend’s Radio NZ Mediawatch, which outlines Henry’s habit, over a number of years, of trotting out Webber in glowing terms – It’s worth a listen (21 minutes in).  

Mediawatch reminds us that Deb Webber’s gifts “have failed to find any missing people or advance any cases”.