This just in: oh no sorry there’s nothing just in

by Jake Quinn

Many young people are both intrigued by powerful symbols, like swastikas, and too young and daft to care that much about offending people that they don’t really know.  Also hot off the wire:  It’s not news.  By ‘it’s’ I mean some school kids taking photos of themselves acting like pricks in the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Most young guys could think of nothing more boring than visiting a museum.  In 10 years time, however, visiting museums will be a fun thing to do with their girlfriends on Sunday after an egg’s benedict and flat white.  But for now and for a couple of years yet, visiting museums will simply suck.

16-year-old boys only really care about girls, burger king, computer games and/or the sport they play (or these days perhaps their hair or fringe or rats tail or whatever stupid thing is sticking out the side of their heads).  Pretty much everything else, unfortunately, brings out their inner infant, especially when in like-minded groups.

Young men tend to be silly and at times quite insensitive. It’s what they do. When they get a bit older and realise that stuff like that wasn’t actually very funny at all, they will feel bad about it and do less of these offensive things.

Show me a 16 year-old boy and I’ll show you someone who has at some point in the preceding 60 minutes said, done or thought something offensive to someone, somewhere.  Don’t get me wrong, what they did was pretty offensive.  But idiots aren’t always worth being put in the paper.

Maybe the problem is that no one is particularly interested in much else at the moment?  It would seem that ACC doesn’t matter, or if it does matter everything the govt is doing smells like roses, talking about the Emissions Trading Scheme is clearly for losers, and all we really care about is which station(s) get to play the Rugby World Cup, yeah right.

Or perhaps the news media, like a good tabloid, gets a saucy picture that they know will sell, and then demands a story to go with it?  I’m with this guy who said “anyway, everything will be fine. Let me know when the media is over lynching a group of kids. I’ll be in the bar.”