Technorati research on blogging

by Jake Quinn

Five key points from some recently available research by Technorati on blogging, care of the Online Journalism Blog:

  • The blogosphere continues to be dominated by male, affluent and educated bloggers
  • Bloggers use Twitter far more than the average person and microblogging is changing blogging habits
  • Blogging is becoming more mainstream and influential, but not replacing traditional media
  • More bloggers are making money, but most don’t make any
  • Most bloggers are “hobbyists” and are driven by personal fulfilment rather than financial gain.

The findings I found most interesting are highlighted below:

While blogging is gaining in popularity and credibility, the blogging demographic doesn’t appear to be widening. The average blogger continues to be male (two-thirds), affluent (a majority have household incomes of an average of $75,000) and educated.

This is a problem, although a predictable one.  The internet has been held up by many over the years as the ‘great democratiser’.  What we see here is that the blogosphere, in particular, is less diverse and more elite than even the mainstream media.

Of course, that is what happens in an anarchic environment; existing power structures are mirrored then exacerbated.  (It is also worth noting that something in the high 90 percent of all internet traffic is controlled through just two companies, Google and Microsoft. Oh can you taste the freedom).

The survey found that contrary to popular belief, many bloggers have had professional media experience, with 35% of all respondents having worked in traditional media as a writer, reporter, producer, or on-air personality, and 27% continue to do so.

Also an interesting finding which again contributes to the view that blogging is a realm for elites and not the unwashed masses.