Democracy in the Unions

by Jeremy Greenbrook-Held

If you ever wanted proof that Unions were democratic beasts, here it is:

Bus drivers reject NZ Bus’s pay offer.

Basically, following negotiations with NZ Bus, leaders of the combined unions agreed to take an offer back to their members with the recommendation that it be accepted and ratified. Despite the recommendation, the members of the combined unions decided to reject the offer.

Asked if he was disappointed by the rejection, Mr Andersen said: “No, that’s democracy”.

Exactly. Doesn’t stop Zane Fulljames of NZ Bus from slagging off the union for doing their job:

“It is immensely disappointing to our customers, our people and the business. The unions agreed to take and recommend the offer to their members. This did not happen,” Mr Fulljames said.

Wrong, Mr Fulljames – that’s exactly what happened. Except the union members disagreed with the union leaders.

NZ Bus deserves to be slapped around after locking workers out for ‘theatening’ work-to-rule industrial action. Any disruption to services will be because of the actions of NZ Bus, not because of underpaid busdrivers.