“Battle of the Babes”

by Jeremy Greenbrook-Held

OK, the Herald has sunk to a new low.

Not only will two 20-something females potentially be contesting Auckland Central at the next election, but Steve Crow will be moderating the Herald-sponsored electorate debate. The candidate’s policy platforms will play second fiddle to how they look in a bikini, but rest assured, the hard-hitting questions will still be allowed.

Excuse me while I vomit. Both Kaye and Ardern are very capable candidates, yet the Herald has trivialized the contest down to ‘babes’. If ever there was any doubt, this confirms that the Herald’s target demographic is the average 14 year-old Grammar boy.

The Labour selection in Auckland Central will have a list of potential candidates as long as my arm, but personally, I think the more interesting contest will be Waitakere. Former MP (now list MP) Lynne Pillay has announced that she will be retiring at the next election and Auckland Central-based Phil Twyford has announced he will be seeking selection. Another candidate has announced to the Labour Electorate Committee (which I attend as an interloper from Helensville) that he will be seeking selection as well, although I’m not sure this is public at the moment.

I have a real problem with carpet-baggers, and while I personally quite like Phil, I’m not sure the people of Waitakere will be quite so forgiving. Having said that, I understand Pillay was living in Central Auckland when she won, and, according to the Register of Financial Interests (pg 9), Paula Bennett doesn’t own any property in West Auckland, only a townhouse in Mt Eden (proud to be a Westie, eh?).

It’ll be fun to watch the positioning over the next few months before the selections early next year.