Phil Goff gets his bounce

by Jake Quinn

Last night’s TV3 poll shows Labour up three and a half percent, while National are down nearly five.  More importantly for Mr Goff, he has finally risen above Helen Clark in the preferred Prime Minister rankings.

There is also good news for the Greens as they head back towards to eight percent mark after a few dangerously low polls in recent months.  National still maintain a commanding lead with fifty-five percent of the vote in this poll, but the narrowing will concern Mr Key, especially if the trend is confirmed or continued in further polls.

I would say that this small turn around is not just because of Phil Goff’s Nationhood speech (which succeeded in making him, rather than Key, the focus of much media comment), but rather because of National’s dubious dealings with the Maori Party over the ETS legislation, which is now law (and add to that a few thousand bikies disgruntled over proposed ACC levy hikes).

Folks might not really understand the intricacies of emissions trading, but they can spot a mongrel when its barking in their face, and Mr Goff’s speech did act to draw attention to the deal and its unsavory undertones of ‘dodgy deals with elite iwi’ which, expectedly, would be unpopular with the vast majority of kiwis.

Astonishingly*, there has been no en masse liberal leftist abandonment of Labour for the Greens as a result of Goff’s speech on race relations, or the caucus’ backing of it.  Who would have though.  I can only imagine that Lew and Idiot/Savant were not polled (or perhaps would have voted for the Greens anyway?).

With the trickle of negative press stories about New Zealand coming out of the COP 15 in Copenhagen and with one more attention grabbing excursion from the Leader of the Opposition in the new year period, we could almost be excused for expecting another poll like this to come our way soon.

* implies sarcasm