Key admits to doing less than a half decent job

by Jake Quinn

Apparently from Key’s speech:

Ruled out: Land Tax‬, RFRM (risk free rate mechanism)‬, Comprehensive Capital Gains Tax (note – this could still mean some sort of CGT), Major changes to Working for Families‬

Still on the table: Increasing GST to 15%‬, Cutting top tax rate and other tax cuts, Some sort of property tax.

So of the three potential major streams of revenue to pay for tax cuts for the rich, they’ve gone for the one that hits the poor hardest and that their mates (farmers, property developers, investors) didn’t complain about.  How utterly predictable.  How typically National.

Especially interesting, seeing as during the 2008 election, John Key ruled out raising GST, as the Herald reported back in October of that year:

“National leader John Key said told (sic) a press conference this morning that if National is elected and does a “half decent job” at growing the economy, then increasing GST and the top tax rate will not be necessary.”

I’m no big city logician but by his own account, does that mean that Key has done less than a “half decent job”?

[Update: full text of Key’s statement to parliament is here.]

[Update 2: excellent to see that a political story broken on this blog is now running rampant all over the mainstream media.]