Save Radio New Zealand

by Jake Quinn

The Save Radio NZ Trucker

Incredible.  Last night I read the news that the National government had put the screws on Radio New Zealand, hard.  I really like Radio New Zealand National, Radio NZ’s flagship program, which I listen to every day.  I also really appreciate the service both Radio New Zealand International and Concert FM provide both local and international communities.

So I blogged on it and I started a simple Facebook group.  Fast forward a day and half and the fan page has nearly 4,000 supporters and is rapidly growing and is now being reported on, Radio NZ, and on a number of high profile blogs.  I’ve received requests to front media interviews, but for now at least I think I’ll leave that to the politicians.

I’m astounded by the out-poring of support the page has been getting.  All day folks have been commenting, posting links and generally sharing their love and support for all things Radio NZ, their disdain for the actions of the Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman and his Cabinet colleagues in the National Party.

I think the National Party wildly underestimates the support Radio NZ has across the country.  From farmers to pensioners to urban liberal students, Radio New Zealand National is the news of record.  It’s where you know the story is straight.  They don’t have to shock for ratings or appease advertisers.  They just give us hard-working decent honest journalism.  Long may it continue.