Save Radio New Zealand campaign goes viral

by Jake Quinn

It’s fair to say that with 8,500+ fans in less than four days (updated stats) that the Save Radio New Zealand campaign has gone viral.

The trucker cap (two posts below) is, at least so far, just a photo shopped image.  A t-shirt, however, is now a reality.

This guy, Neil Watts (pictured, right), has had a Save Radio New Zealand t-shirt printed*

You can get one if ya fancy.  It could only help to spread the message right?

Phil at Verboom on Left Bank Arcade (off Cuba Street) has the design, he’s done badges too.  Logoland in North City Mall also have the t-shirt design.  Neil will be wearing his to Homegrown today in Wellington.  If you see him, tell him he’s a legend.

Before you go, check out this blog from Radio NZ legend Brian Edwards.  Brian explains why Radio NZ is so important to our country and our democracy.

*Note: this t-shirt was not organised by me (I don’t even know this guy) and I imagine any profits from the sale of such t-shirts would just go to the individuals that print and sell them.

[Update: we hit 10,000 fans this morning (Monday). A remarkable effort – and we’re still growing!]

[Update: we are still growing strong, approx 12,500 fans around 2:30pm Tuesday]