Rick Giles sensation takes NZ by storm

by Jake Quinn

It begun with a simple television appearance by Act on Campus President Rick Giles.

A Facebook group was swiftly created.

Sunrise host Oliver Driver then promised that if the group got 2,000 fans overnight he would run Giles’ uninterrupted reply.

It did.  So true to his word, Driver played the ‘unjammed’ response this morning on Sunrise.

Rick Giles is fast becoming a household name, as is his most famous quote “I think my argument is so powerful that it’s not necessary to talk about it”.

Some say he’s our very own David Brent, other’s just love his references to the communists, the islamists and Genghis Khan’s hoard’s coming to get us.  Also catching on fast is his comedic use of “NOT” and his astute observation that “science puts out fires”.

Just watch the footage. It’s priceless.

Oddly, none of this has anything to do with April fools’ day.

Update: Act on Campus have, according to Clint Heine, disassociated themselves from Giles.

Update 2: (8 April) and today, we discover, that TV3 sunrise has been canned.  Causally linked to the mysterious powers of Rick Giles’ argument.. you know, “that which we do not speak of”?  You decide.

(I just hope Rick doesn’t decide he wants me to fail my MA, because if so, I’m buggered.)