From Oz to the Pacific

by Jake Quinn

It’s only fair to my tens of readers that I provide an update on my recent adventures. This blog, after all, claims to provide more than just occasional comment on politics and the media in New Zealand. (It struggles recently to do even that.)

Anyway, I’m not in NZ, I’m no longer in Kosovo, and I’ve recently departed Australia for the warmer climes of the South Pacific. Earlier this year my partner and I moved to Sydney cause she got a baller job with the World Bank. I was happy enough with that move. Sydney’s OK; really nice food, but really busy trains (peak morning hour reminded me of Mumbai, seriously).

While living in Sydney I ended up doing some interesting work contracting as media officer for the state health department for six months. It was a pretty intense environment going through lots of change care of both a new government and director-general. It was one of the more exhausting jobs I’ve had, but the people I worked with were top class.

Fast forward to today and I’m living in the well-known pacific island country that plays host to the regional head offices of most international organisations and NGOs.

I’m here working with one of the United Nations regional offices for the Pacific. For what it’s worth, I wear bula shirts and sandals to work, and feel right at home doing so.

I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the NZ election in recent weeks, but to be quite honest it’s been nice being out of the country for it. It’s not the most enjoyable viewing for a centre-lefty, but I’ve been impressed with aspects of Labour’s campaign.

Some decent policies have been trotted out but one gets the feeling it’s one of those elections where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

I will try to blog deeper thoughts in the coming weeks, and definitely after the big day.