A series of observations

by Jake Quinn

1) #teapottapes, some commentators would have it, is an elaborate scam by the National Party campaign manager and evil-genius Steven Joyce to distract media attention from policy issues and from the Labour Party in the penultimate week of an election campaign.

This is paranoid delusion (although a reasonable one I suppose, given the National Party’s gross over reaction to the entire episode). In any case, the National Party are not that clever, plus, John Key looks like a fool because of it and it’s getting worse for him by the day/minute.

2) Russel Norman has fired his EA. This is a sensible move. He looks astute. One cannot believe for a moment that the EA did not know what was going on. The EA was wise to keep it from Russel. Politicians needs to be able to legitimately claim ignorance, so I suppose it’s helpful when their aides play their part by keeping them in the dark.

Those crucial soft National voters, of which there are many and who will potentially contribute to a record Greens vote this year (see below post), will appreciate Russel’s no-nonsense handling of this.

(As an aside, the fired EA will have potentially more than a dozen MPs to choose from looking for experienced staff to fill their office’s after the election, so I don’t think she has much to worry about)

3) Despite my cynicism towards the view that #teapottapes is an evil-genius Machiavellian stitch up, I agree with Farrar and others that Labour will not be the winner out of this fiasco. No one wins, really, apart from perhaps Rachel Smalley or the Herald on Sunday.

Unless Key is proven to have said truly vile things he will be given the benefit of the doubt by a public who don’t seem to be in the mood to vote for the other lot. Well, perhaps no one wins isn’t fair. In NZ it’s always possible that when no one ones, Winston wins.