Shearer and Robertson a breath of fresh air

by Jake Quinn

David Shearer and Grant Robertson are Labour’s new leadership team. Neither man was an MP, let alone a Minister, in the previous Labour government, led by Helen Clark.

This leadership team sends a very strong message to New Zealanders that Labour can deliver something new and fresh. The pairing provide an incredible narrative that no media strategy or finely crafted speech or photo-op could ever deliver. It’s a strong break from the past. And that message is priceless.

This is the ticket (despite it not actually having been run as a ticket) that the majority of the media and blogosphere wanted, and Labour should be rewarded for that with positive coverage and extensive profile pieces. Shearer’s, in particular, will inspire Kiwis as they read their papers on holiday this summer.

It’s an exciting time to be a Labour supporter. It’s an incredible rise to the top for David Shearer. Labour opted to match John Key with their home-grown version.

Shearer’s paring with Robertson, as I outlined below, means the new man in charge has the caucus wise-council as his right (or in this case left) hand man.

Good luck to them.