Farrar hits the nail on the head

by Jake Quinn

David Farrar nails it in this blog. The blog relates to comments by Labour activist, candidate and political commentator (and wife of David Shearer’s political advisor, John), Josie Pagani, made on Radio New Zealand and then online, in regards to the POAL dispute.

Pagani’s moderate, non-fundamentalist view, where she accepts a certain inevitability (that some industries need to be more flexible than others) but expresses concern about how to manage that process, is quite likely shared by millions of New Zealanders.

For having that view she’s been lambasted online by activists of a party she has dedicated many hundreds of hours to campaign for. It’s not right. Her views need to be part of the mix. If Labour wants to be a party that attracts more than 35 percent of the vote it simply has to be the broad church that many, including the leadership team, know it can be.

I absolutely detest the vitriol that comes from the extremes of politics (on both the left and right). You see it on the blog comments on the major right and left-wing blogs, including Mr Farrar’s. These people are passionate about their cause but they do not realise how many voters and potential activists or members they scare off with their hatred and fundamentalism.