Simon Power for Prime Minister

by Jake Quinn

Last night was a tipping point of sorts.

Listening to our Prime Minister on Checkpoint one was not filled with pride or hope, instead one was filled with a deep concern. The concern was that the man in charge was running his mouth, changing his mind and generally being eaten alive, live on-air.

And he was not impressed. His office rang Radio NZ and had a cry:  “His office was spewing. They phoned RNZ afterwards crying about how evil Miss Wilson didn’t let him speak” a Radio NZ source says.

Well rather than letting this get us down, we should move on. And if National are going to remain the party of government for the rest of the parliamentary term they would do well to swiftly replace the man at the top and restore some honour and strength to the position of Prime Minister. 

The man for the job is undoubtedly that of Commerce and Justice Minister the Hon Simon Power MP. He is the brightest and strongest they’ve got – and he should be given his chance to lead. As Paul Henry would say “join a group” and have I got the group for you.

Just follow the link:

Simon Power for Prime Minister of New Zealand