British tory negative billboard campaign off to a poor start

by Jake Quinn

British Tory Party Billboard

(Image via: No Right Turn)

After failing to make headway with their initial positive campaign, the British Tory’s have gone negative with a new set of 800 Saatchi designed billboards being rolled out across the country.

The above billboard, part of the new negative (or satirical) campaign, is foolish on a number of levels:

1) really stupid Tories might think they are supposed to vote for this guy (because he increased the gap between the rich and the poor)

2) disaffected Labour voters (who are disappointed with the Labour government’s record on closing the gaps) are more likely to vote for the Lib-Dems, or not vote at all, than they are to vote for the Conservatives

3) it gives the voter no direct reason to vote for the Conservatives, and

4) the image of Gordon Brown makes him look somewhat younger and more smiley than he generally is.

More billboards and the Independent story can be found here.

Update: and as NZ’s billboard man John Ansell notes in the comments, a number of people won’t read (or analyse) the text, and will be left with (another) smiling image of Gordon Brown, who with Labour’s billboards being up too, will be everywhere.